Develop your team Exceed


These team development workshops are designed for any work team across all industries, and at any stage of its development, whether ‘forming, storming norming or performing’. First Door’s team development workshops are facilitated to provide opportunities for teams to reflect on current practice, engage in professional conversations to relate to new understandings and to consider strategies to move forwards as a team and as a workplace learning environment.

Team professional development workshop fee

  • For groups up to 20 people the fee is $400 for each two-hour workshop. There is an additional fee of $30 per person for each workshop for over 20 people and up to 26 people. 
  • For larger groups please contact us for a quote.
  • We travel within a 1 hour radius of North Lakes at no additional charge. Travel costs are able to be discussed and arranged to enable First Door to come to your team.


The focus of these workshops is on moving towards greater understanding of:

  • individuals and team strengths
  • working collaboratively and knowledge sharing

These two-hour workshops are able to be booked individually or as a series. Alternatively, you are able to select two or three of these workshops to be facilitated on a team day, at either your preferred training location or at our training venue.


Develop and use emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is about learning to better understand our emotions and the emotions of those around us. Rather than letting our emotions control us, we instead learn to identify them when they arise, recognise their causes and outcomes and, as best we can, control them or at least our reactions to them.

Your team will be guided to:

•   Identify the impact of their own emotions on others in the workplace

•   Recognise and appreciate the emotional strengths and weaknesses of others

•   Promote the development of emotional intelligence in others to maximise team outcomes

Team development and working collaboratively

This workshop helps your team to create a unified purpose with a commitment to the organisation, the team and their individual goals.

  • identifying the stages of team development
  • embedding respectful, positive communication and feedback within the team to enhance collaboration
  • each team member’s role within the team
  • ways to build trust through communication
  • problem solving techniques and identifying a feedback strategy for the team


Enquire now or phone us 07 3204 4336 for more information on developing your team.