Nurturing children's agency and creativity

Agency webSeries of 2 workshops on FEB 7 & MAR 7: at 9am - 2pm
What happened to childhoods where children had freedom to be explore, create, construct, perform and imagine in their own time and space? In this workshop series, we identify how creativity is an important learning disposition, and how we can nourish and inspire children's creativity in our curriculum and enviroments. We also consider how agency is required to develop a child's strong sense of identity and how we can avoid hindering children's agency in our effort to manage routines and the daily program.

FEB 7: Investigate and promote agency

This workshop will engage you in experiences to reflect on theories and your own practice relevant to developing children's strong sense of identity and agency. You will better understand:

  • why 'agency' is important for children and their learning
  • theoretical and hands-on approaches to improve your pedagogy
  • the drawbacks to using control, praise and reward systems
  • how to shift your practice to using real choices and affirming effort

MAR 7: Explore and nurture creativity

Vygotsky, Montessori and Steiner all knew that the process of creation was more important that the end result. In this workshop we:

  • explore the value of the creative process, and how we can support the process along with children's original ideas and thinking 
  • discuss and understand how creativity links to the learning outcomes, so that we become empowered to value and foster creative experiences throughout the educational program
  • examine your environment and rethink intentional practice to foster creativity in our programs and environments
  • reflect on current practices that are supporting or hindering creativity

Workshop facilitator: Chrissy Foreman Cranitch

Event Details

Event Date 07-02-2018 9:00am
Event End Date 07-03-2018 2:00pm
Capacity 24
Available place 13
Cut off date 02-02-2018 2:00pm
Individual Price $290.00
The Pioneer room, Heritage Function Centre at Old Petrie Town. 901 Dayboro Road, Whiteside. 4503
901 Dayboro Road Whiteside, Queensland 4503 Australia
The Pioneer room, Heritage Function Centre at Old Petrie Town. 901 Dayboro Road, Whiteside. 4503
$290.00 13
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