Are you and your team focused on Quality and Improvement? 

Partner with First Door for guidance and vision focus. We bring fresh perspective, updating, supporting and guiding your team towards growth and improvement in a selected Quality Standard that is relevant for your team.

Popular Quality Standard Partner Packages with centre teams have related to National Quality Standards: 

  • QA1, Standard 1.1: The educational program enhances each child's learning and development.
  • QA1, Standard 1.3: Educators and co-ordinators take a planned and reflective approach to implementing the program for each child.
  • QA3, Standard 3.2: The service environment is inclusive, promotes competence and supports exploration and play-based learning.
  • QA3, Element 3.2.3: The service cares for the environment and supports children to become environmentally responsible.
  • QA7, Standard 4.2: Management, educators and staff are collaborative, respectful and ethical.
  • QA7, Element 7.1.1: A statement of philosophy guides all aspects of the service's operations. 

First Door is also able to supply our professional learning to educators and teams in eligible Kindergarten services through funding by the Queensland Government Kindy uplift program. Please contact us for a consultation meeting to discuss these opportunities.

What does the Quality Standard Partner Package include?

Three Consultation Meetings

Consultation meetings are usually with the Centre Director, and the Educational Leader and/or a Management stakeholder. These are generally 90 minute meetings, unless otherwise arranged. We include a final written report of recommendations.

The consultation meeting framework:
Meeting 1: 

  • Discuss current industry trends relating to this Quality Standard
  • Explore and identify current strengths and issues for the identified Quality Standard, and update these findings in the Quality Improvement Plan

Meeting 2: 

  • Based on meeting 1, we discuss ideas and requirements for quality improvement relating to this Quality Standard
  • Identify realistic, measurable goals that are time frame related
  • These goals are updated in the Quality Improvement Plan with success measures

Meeting 3: 

  • Fine tune the discussed ideas and strategies following the Professional Conversations workshop
  • Update the Quality Improvement Plan with agreed strategies and any progress notes


Professional Development Workshop

Following the first two consultation meetings, this two hour professional development workshop is based on the identified issues and goals for improvement. This interactive workshop is facilitated for the whole team to gain shared understandings and identify with the shared vision and goals for improvement.


Professional Conversations Workshop

Following the team professional development workshop, we follow up with a two hour Professional Conversations workshop with a smaller focus group (e.g. Lead educators). In this workshop we use critical reflection to examine the shared issue using the ‘ask, look, think, do’ process:

  • ASK: reflect on existing systems/practice
  • LOOK & THINK: gain insights from different perspectives and consider new ideas
  • DO: reach shared understanding of new strategies and identify actions to be taken. 

The Quality Standard Partner Package fee is $1,975. This fee is priced for a team of up to 24 and within Brisbane area. We are happy to quote for larger teams and to travel with the travel costs charged additionally. 

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"…to have a professional person who you can share your passion with, challenge your thinking with and work in collaboration with… is completely priceless."

Miriam Abel
Director of Tumble Tots McDowall


“The dedicated, organised, nurturing trainers have played a pivotal role in helping to the get the team at YMCA Strathpine moving forward from conflicting understandings and viewpoints to a shared and improved understanding of the documentation cycle. Through discussion as a team we were able to analyse systems we use that were not effective. The centre team was able to reach shared understanding of new strategies and provided with ideas and tools to effectively use the cycle of plan, document and evaluate.”

Chantal Wise
Director YMCA Strathpine Child Care Centre