Are you a fresh face in Early Childhood, or do you have a qualification with years of experience? Either way, you are invited to build your professional knowledge and skills by booking into one or more of our workshops.
These workshops engage our students, educators and leaders in active learning. Each workshop relates to the Early Childhood National Quality Framework and introduces strategies for practice guided by the Early Years Learning Framework.

  • Bookings are required by booking online below, emailing us or phoning 3204 4336
  • Payment is to be made prior to the workshop to confirm your place, as places are limited. All participants receive a certificate of attendance.
  • Tea, coffee, morning tea and a light lunch is provided.


North Brisbane Training Venue

Our workshop venue is located at The Pioneer Room, Heritage Hotel and Function Centre at Old Petrie Town.

Dayboro Road, Whiteside, Q. 4503

With our Team eLearning Membership package, your team can engage in Behaviour Rethink together to develop shared understanding and a consistent approach.

Get started within 24 hours of registration and receive:

  • Six months team share access of the Behaviour Rethink video tutorials to discuss at team meetings, and
  • Three month access to the full Behaviour Rethink eLearning course for seven individual team members  (usually $65 per person).

Team package investment: $335 - SAVE $265!

Professional Learning Date 25-02-2020
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price $475.00
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Are you feeling stuck in your ways of "managing children's behaviour", flat or worn down? You're not alone!

Behaviour Rethink guides Educators to better understand behaviour, to rethink your approach, and inspires you with new ideas and strategies to support each child to flourish.
Access this course within 24 hours of registering, then revisit the estimated six hours of course content as much as you like, over a period of six months.

This eLearning course includes:
- a printable workbook to reflect and consider your new ideas
- tutorials, videos and templates for documentation
- recommended readings, and learning checks.

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Professional Learning Date 02-03-2020
Professional Learning End Date 03-09-2020
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price $65.00
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  • Use developmental theories to understand your role as an educator in fostering the holistic development and wellbeing of children.
  • Putting theories into practice: Gain knowledge and skills to plan for and guide children’s learning, supporting each child’s development and confident self-identity
  • Be inspired to assess and monitor children’s holistic development, and to provide opportunities for each child to develop skills and wellbeing

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Professional Learning Date 04-03-2020 9:00am
Professional Learning End Date 04-03-2020 2:30pm
Capacity 28
Available place 18
Individual Price $145.00
$145.00 18
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This eLearning course is designed for Educational Leaders to develop fresh ideas, inspiration and skills to flourish in your role. Enjoy flexible access, from your phone or laptop anywhere with internet access and anytime that suits you. This eLearning series supports your professional growth over five months from your registration date, with a printable workbook for each topic and loads of resources. You'll also receive two 'check-in conversations' to reflect, share ideas and for motivational support/direction with our Professional Learning Coordinator - at 1 month and 3 months following your registration.

Our eLearning portal provides you with access to 15 tutorials on five key topics, relevant to being your best as an Educational Leader. Each of these five topics has a workplace project to shift learning into action within your team. 

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Professional Learning Date 09-03-2020
Professional Learning End Date 10-08-2020
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price $275.00
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This workshop explores the art of intentional teaching to align our focus to the child's focus and needs. We discuss moving between roles using proactive strategies to: develop positive and respectful relationships with children, support play and learning, and guide cooperative behaviour.

The intentional listener: communicating positively with children

  • Value and provide secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships
  • Encourage confident and capable communicators

The intentional observer: interacting respectfully with children

  • Respectfully observe to move flexibly in and out of differnt roles as an educator, using proactive strategies
  • Being purposeful in engaging, questioning and respectfully entering children's play to avoid being the 'play crasher'
  • Being a co-learner and modelling learning dispositions

Child-focused practice and supporting children's identity

  • Respect and support diversity in your curriculum
  • Provide an environment that reflects children's lives, interests, family and commmunity
  • Using intentional teaching to understand children's needs and positively guide cooperative behaviour
Professional Learning Date 09-03-2020 9:00am
Professional Learning End Date 09-03-2020 2:00pm
Capacity 18
Available place 11
Individual Price $145.00
$145.00 11
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Whether your centre has been rated 'not yet meeting', 'meeting' or 'exceeding' the National Quality Standards, this workshop encourages you to develop a team approach so that you can work together to raise the quality of Early Childhood Education and Care in your centre. We focus on practical skills to collaborate to effectively complete the Quality Improvement Plan, as a living document.

Professional Learning Date 16-03-2020 9:00am
Professional Learning End Date 16-03-2020 2:00pm
Capacity 24
Available place 15
Individual Price $145.00
$145.00 15
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