Behaviour Rethink for Educators: eLearning course

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Behaviour Rethink brings fresh understanding and tools, that you can start using straight away, to build children's wellbeing and support their healthy development (+ you'll gain fresh purpose and joy in your role).

Access this course within 24 hours of registering, and revisit as much as you like over three months.



Behaviour Rethink guides and inspires educators to: 

PART 1: Reframe behaviour and understand behaviour
- Reframe 'behaviour' as communication that is being used to meet basic needs for: Connection, Safety, Mastery, Freedom and Fun based on the Phoenix Cups framework ©.
- Use this knowledge to support wellbeing, meeting needs using 'Cup filling' strategies. 

PART 2: Review your approach and curriculum for stressors/triggers - and reduce them
- Discover triggers for behaviour and how reinforcement of behaviour works.
- Reflect on what's happening in your curriculum to create stress/frustration for children, and consider child-focused routines/practices.

PART 3: Support self-regulation
- Explore the impact of your language, interactions and relationships on children's emotional development.
- Rethink your response to children's big emotions, to model and support their resilience and self-regulation.

PART 4: Bring it all together with a plan
We introduce you to Hayden. He guides us in how to better understand a child, their behaviour, and in reflecting, planning, and reviewing what we do. 
- Use provided templates to reframe and understand behaviour, then make a plan to support and strengthen wellbeing.

*** First Door Early Childhood is a licenced Phoenix Cups affiliate. The Phoenix Cups framework is used in some parts of our professional learning as a model for understanding behaviour relating to basic human life needs.

Register now to begin Behaviour Rethink for Educators eLearning course, and receive:

  • access to this course within 24 hours of registration for 3 months.
  • a printable workbook to reflect and consider your new ideas.
  • tutorials, videos, resources, templates and learning checks.
  • a certificate on completion for your professional learning with First Door. 


Professional Learning Details

Professional Learning Date 27-01-2020
Professional Learning End Date 27-04-2020
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price $65.00
Location Flexible eLearning: internet and computer required.
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