Behaviour Rethink for Educators: eLearning course

Behaviour Rethink guides Educators to better understand behaviour, to rethink your approach, and inspires you with new ideas and strategies to support each child to flourish. You'll find ways to move from chaos to calm, and make a positive difference in every day.

Behaviour Rethink guides and inspires educators to: 

PART 1: Reframe behaviour and understand behaviour
- Reframe behaviour as communication that is being used to meet basic needs for wellbeing
- Use this knowledge to see from the child's perspective, and consider what is behind the behaviour, to support their wellbeing.

PART 2: Review your approach and curriculum for stressors/triggers - and reduce them
- Discover triggers for behaviour and how reinforcement of behaviour works.
- Reflect on what's happening in your curriculum to create stress/frustration for children, and consider child-focused routines/practices.

PART 3: Support self-regulation
- Explore the impact of your language, interactions and relationships on children's emotional development.
- Rethink your response to children's big emotions, to model and support their resilience and self-regulation.

PART 4: Bring it all together with a plan

We introduce you to Hayden. He guides us in how to better understand a child, their behaviour, and in reflecting, planning, and reviewing what we do. 
- Use provided templates to reframe and understand behaviour, then make a plan to support and strengthen wellbeing.



Register now for Behaviour Rethink and receive:

  • 6 months access to course resources so you can revisit these, where and when suits you
  • a printable workbook to reflect and consider your new ideas
  • tutorials, videos, resources, templates and learning checks
  • access to this course within 24 hours of registration
  • an estimated 6 hours of course content, to view and use at your own pace
  • a certificate on completion for your professional learning with First Door

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Professional Learning Details

Professional Learning Date 10-08-2020
Professional Learning End Date 10-02-2021
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price $65.00
Location Flexible eLearning: internet and computer required.
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“You really cannot describe the passion and love that the trainers at First Door have. The well-constructed workshops provide students with specific up-to-date skills, knowledge and inspiration necessary for successful practice and employment in the child care industry." 

Behaviour Rethink eLearning course endorsement

... The ways in which pedagogy and practice are woven throughout these exceptionally thoughtful videos, visuals and reproducibles enables educators and their teams to weave best practices into every moment of respectful relationship with the children in their care and with each other.

I am grateful to have experienced this inspiring course and would highly recommend it to all educational professionals across Australia, in every country, and in the U.S., in every state."
| Dr. Shelley A. Stravitz, Ed.D, Educational Leadership for Change