Using meaningful documentation to develop the whole child

Documentation ECEC workshops

You will feel new purpose in observing and documenting each child's learning to use this information for sharing and evaluating their progress, and for planning to support each child's learning in the five outcomes

This workshop engages you in practical experiences to consider:

  • Reflect on your practice and use the NQS, Quality Area 1 to understand your role in collecting rich evidence about each child and their learning progress in the five learning outcomes
  • Share the joy of learning between educators, families, and the child/ren so they see themselves as capable learners
  • Develop a strategy to identify children who may need additional support
  • Consider strategies to more effectively assess children's learning, keeping our assessment valid and meaningful
  • Use learning outcomes as long term goals and use summative assessment to assess and monitor each child's progress in the learning outcomes
  • Use information to plan for children's progress in the five learning outcomes, based on your understanding of each child

Professional Learning Details

Professional Learning Date 06-05-2020 9:00am
Professional Learning End Date 06-05-2020 2:30pm
Capacity 28
Available place 18
Individual Price $145.00
North Lakes Hotel Conference & Function Centre
22 Lakefield Drive North Lakes, QLD 4509 Australia
North Lakes Hotel Conference & Function Centre
$145.00 18

“You really cannot describe the passion and love that the trainers at First Door have. The well-constructed workshops provide students with specific up-to-date skills, knowledge and inspiration necessary for successful practice and employment in the child care industry." 

Behaviour Rethink eLearning course endorsement

I wanted to share my excitement about the unique opportunity provided by your Behavior Rethink eLearning course. While this immersive program empowers educators to offer their best, aligned with The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, the multi-faceted ways in which First Door offers this learning will clearly enable each child to flourish—as well as every educator.

The ways in which pedagogy and practice are woven throughout these exceptionally thoughtful videos, visuals and reproducibles enables educators and their teams to weave best practices into every moment of respectful relationship with the children in their care and with each other.

I am grateful to have experienced this inspiring course and would highly recommend it to all educational professionals across Australia, in every country, and in the U.S., in every state."
| Shelley A. Stravitz, Ed.D, Educational Leadership for Change