It's about growing and being an inspiring educator or leader

We believe each child deserves your best, so we partner in professional learning with educators and leaders that are on a mission to create joyful childhoods, and are aiming to be and give their best in Early Childhood Education and Care. At First Door, everything we do is to see each child flourish in their Early Childhood experience.

Professional learning with First Door opens up fresh perspectives, builds your capability and inspires you in your role as an Early Childhood educator or leader, based on current research, exceeding practice and the National Quality Framework. First Door specialises in combining experience, practice, conversations and reflection into your learning experiences.

First Door partners with Early Childhood leaders, directors/managers to further develop leadership and management skills. Our role is to build growth focused teams that work collaboratively to continually improve the quality of Education and Care provided to children.

But the best part? By being knowledgeable, passionate and capable in your role, you'll shine and open up new career opportunities in this fabulous profession of Early Childhood.

Qualifications for your career

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We support you to complete your qualification and to achieve much more than a certificate. With First Door as your professional learning partner, your knowledge and skills will build as you complete each unit in your course. Each assessment workbook puts your new knowledge into action so that you steadily feel more confident and capable in your role.

Learn more about how we inspire and support your professional learning in our student approach

First Door is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) providing Nationally Recognised Training in:

- CHC30113 Certificate lll in Early Childhood Education and Care
(including Government funding in Certificate 3 Guarantee and Traineeship training)

- CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care 
(including Government funding for Higher Level Skills and Apprenticeship training)

- BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management

Ongoing learning workshops

Book online to attend one or more of our regular interactive workshops. You will be inspired with new ideas, network with other educators and leaders, reflect on your current practice and come up with strategies to improve practice.
- See our workshop timetable.
- The training venue is at Old Petrie Town, 15 minutes north from Strathpine.
- Bookings are required as places are limited.


Team professional learning workshops

We also facilitate interactive team professional development workshops for your Early Childhood team at your service. We invite professional conversations so your team will benefit from shared understanding and focus for improvement. Each workshop relates to the National Quality Framework.