"Completing this qualification with First Door is life changing."

Joining the Early Childhood profession is your first step into a rewarding and future-proof career, with so many opportunities ahead of you.

This is Australia’s nationally recognised qualification for people starting their career as an educator. Once you've enrolled in this course, you are able to seek employment as an educator in Early Childhood Education and Care services, and Outside School Hours Care services. 

By enrolling with First Door, you will be supported to grow in confidence, knowledge and skills as an Early Childhood educator - so you can be a part of seeing each child flourish.

Become a qualified Educator with First Door


What will I learn?

Enrol to complete the new CHC30121 qualification, and over the course of 17 units you will:

1. Be empowered to interact positively with children, families and colleagues in an Early Childhood and Care setting, using the approved learning framework to guide practice.

2. Gain the skills to support children to:

  • feel good about themselves and to treat others with care and respect
  • feel like they belong - to be connected with others and contribute to their world
  • have wellbeing - to manage their feelings, to have friends and to be healthy
  • become confident and involved learners
  • be able to communicate effectively with others

Practical learning and experience in the workplace

The Certificate lll in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) course supports you to put your learning into practice, with the required practical workplace experience.

*PLEASE NOTE: You are required to complete a minimum of 160 hours in a licensed Early Childhood Education and Care service to complete the new CHC30121 Certificate lll in ECEC course. These hours can be completed either in paid employment or on work placement (voluntary workplace experience). You need to hold a current blue card to be a paid employee or volunteer in an Early Childhood service.

How much will this course cost?

First Door qualifies for Government funding for our Certificate lll in Early Childhood Education and Care course. We have five Government subsidised options for Queensland residents: 

This means eligible people can complete this qualification for free, OR with total course fees from $170 - $425. If you need an easy-pay option, then this course cost can be spread over monthly payments, with a fees agreement plan.

See full information on course fees 

The First Door difference

At First Door, we believe each child deserves your best. So that makes us super-committed to supporting you with inspired learning, helpful resources and mentoring. 

2021 Educators Guide cover


for full information about course options and studying with us.

We inspire and support you with:

A personal mentor to support your learning

You will have a regular mentoring meeting with your mentor to discuss each current unit, within specific workplace locations. Meetings are arranged by zoom or phone if you are out of these locations.
Your First Door mentor is well experienced within the profession, and are a qualified trainer and assessor. 

Inspiring resources with flexible access

You'll have flexible access to inspiring resources that showcase best practice as an Educator. Each unit has an online course with video tutorials, videos, printables and assessment guides.  This mean you can access, learn and revisit information in your own time and pace.

Structured or Flexi training plans

Our Structured plan provides students with a monthly timetable to work through course unit/s each month. The structured training plan has unit start dates and due dates to assist students to stay focused and motivated. 

The Flexi plan suits students that are self-motivated and prefer flexibility to Certificate 3 ECEC enrolment formset their own assesment due dates.

Workplace related assessment

First Door has designed an assessment workbook for each unit of study to make assessment tasks relevant to workplace experiences - so you become confident and capable as an educator.

Course duration

Part time course

The part time course is for most students with more limited time available for study, and is generally paced for you to complete one unit per month. 

Part time students generally complete this course in 17 months, although you can progress faster or take up to 2 years to complete this qualification if needed.

Full time course option

Our full time course suits e.g. school leavers or people on a career change that are able to commit to completing two units each month, with the required workplace hours. 

Full time students generally complete this course in 9 months, although you can switch to part time study and take up to 2 years to complete this qualification if needed. Contact us to find out more information about our nine month, full time course.

Enrol now and get started now!

First Door supports new students to enrol at any point of the year.

Download and complete our enrolment form, then email this to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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This course is the entry requirement to complete the CHC50121 Diploma of ECEC

The Certificate lll in Early Childhood Education and Care* qualification is now an entry requirement to enrol in the new CHC50121 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care qualification. 
*Note: This must be the qualification released from 2013, with the qualification code CHC30113 or CHC30121.

Superseded CHC30113 course: teach out date is 20/01/2023

The CHC30113 Certificate lll in Early Childhood Education and Care course is currently in its teach out period, and is required to be completed by 20 January 2023.

This superseded Certificate lll course has 18 units. As a guideline, most of our part-time students complete one unit per month, so generally this course take 18 months to complete.

Therefore, to enrol in this superseded CHC30113 qualification you need to have:
- previously completed most units towards this CHC30113 Certificate lll in ECEC course, that are able to be credit transferred, and/OR have

- the study ability and commitment to complete the training and assessment for ALL course units before 20 January 2023.

Government financial support to study

Eligible students are able to receive Study payments for 'full time' study in the Certificate lll in Early Childhood Education and Care

See more details about eligibility requirements for STUDENT PAYMENTS

QLD Government subsidised training options

First Door qualifies for Government funding for our Certificate lll in Early Childhood Education and Care course. We have five Government funded options for Queensland residents:
1. School based traineeship - $0 course fees
2. Year 12 Graduate Fee-free - $0 course fees 
3. Free traineeships for under 25s - $0 course fees
4. Certificate 3 Guarantee - Student contribution fee is payable - up to $25 per unit
5. Certificate 3 Plus and Job trainer - Student contribution fee is payable - up to $25 per unit

Find out if you are eligible here

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'Easy-pay' monthly fee payment

First Door has an 'easy-pay' monthly fee payment system. The terms and arrangements are detailed in your personalised fees payment agreement with First Door. An automatic monthly payment of your course fees is paid from your debit or credit card. 
For students that are not eligible for Government funding, the fee is $230 per unit.

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