Easy fee payment for your course

First Door provides students with a ‘pay as you study’ monthly payment plan, using an automatic payment system linked to your nominated debit or credit card. This allows students to pay course fees over their agreed training plan time frame, usually based on completing one unit per month.

During the enrolment process, a personalised Student Fees Agreement and monthly fee payment schedule is established for each student, based on the student’s training plan.

Course starter fee

NOTE: Government funded Early Childhood students do NOT pay the enrolment fee.

To get started in your course, your first unit fee (and enrolment fee if this applies to you) is paid within two days of your enrolment.

This payment is made from your selected debit or credit card. The non-refundable enrolment fee is to get to know you as a new student and to set you up with two welcome meetings, a personalised training plan and your course resources.

For full details, see our STUDENT FEES POLICY here.


Reduce your course fees with our QLD Government subsidised courses

Skills Assure CMYK

First Door is a Skills Assure Supplier for Certificate lll or Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care courses. 

With Queensland Government subsidised training, you pay a portion of your training costs as Student Contribution fees. Your  Student Contribution fees can be reduced to $25 per unit or less, with NO enrolment fee or additional costs!

Note: Further fee exemptions to $10 per unit apply if you have a Health Care Card, or are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person. You are also able to apply for full fee exemption from co-contribution fees if payment of these would cause you extreme financial hardship.

Find out if you qualify now! Government funding button

Your course investment

Non-refundable Enrolment Fee
First Door invests in a thorough and personal enrolment process to understand each student’s individual learning needs and to establish the appropriate training plan for each student.

This fee is charged to all enrolling students (except Government funded students) and is non-refundable to contribute towards the cost of getting you underway in your course and providing you with your course resources. 
The enrolment fee is $175 for course qualifications for full fee paying students only.

Unit fees 
The investment for each unit of the course includes the cost of: First Door unit resources, a zoom workshop, personal mentoring, study support and assessment. Upon successful completion of the course, students receive a certificate for their nationally accredited qualification and are invited to attend a graduation ceremony.

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule Note:
1. If a student changes the way they complete assessment for any of the units in their course, then their payment plan is subject to being adjusted accordingly. For example, if the student uses RPL assessment or Credit Transfer units.
2. If a student is progressing through their course faster than one unit per month, then an additional invoice will be emailed to them for payment, and/or the regular monthly payments will be adjusted to align with their accelerated pace of course completion.

Certificate lll in Early Childhood Education and Care: Fee Options

Certificate lll in ECEC
Fee Options
Course Starter
Fee on Enrolment 
Monthly Direct
Total Course Cost
Fee free for Year 12 graduates
$0 No charge: $0
Fee free
$0 course cost:
18 units
Certificate 3 Guarantee 
OR Back to Work Program: Boost funding for CHC30121 course
Enrolment: $0
1st unit: $25
$25 - for 16
monthly payments
$425 course cost:
17 units at $25 per unit
Free for Under 25s: Traineeship training (including school based trainees) $0 No charge: $0 $0 course cost
Traineeship training for over 25s
for CHC30121 course
Student Contribution fee
1st unit: $116.50 $116.50 - for 16 monthly payments $1,980.50 course cost: 17 units
17 units at $116.50 per unit
Traineeship Contract: partial fee exemption for CHC30121 course
Fee charged at 40% for e.g. Healthcare card or
Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person
1st unit: $46.60
$46.60 - for 16
monthly payments
$792.20 course cost: 17 units
17 units at $46.60 per unit
Full fee paying for CHC30121 course with 17 units Enrolment: $175
+ 1st unit: $230
$230 - for 15
monthly payments
$3,855 total course cost: includes enrolment fee and 16 units at $230 per unit
+ additional HLTAID012 unit fee


Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care: Fee Options

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
Fee Options
Course Starter 
Fee on Enrolment 
Monthly Direct 
Total Course Cost
Higher Level Skills 
OR Back to Work Program: Boost funding for CHC50121 Diploma course with 15 units
Enrolment: $0 
1st unit: $25
$25 - for 14
monthly payments
$375 course cost: 
15 units at $25 per unit
Free for Under 25s: Apprenticeship training $0 No charge: $0 No charge: $0
Apprenticeship Contract for CHC50121 Diploma course - Student Contribution fee $0
1st unit: $136.30
$136.30 - for 14
monthly payments
$2,044.50 course cost: 
15 units at $136.30 per unit
Apprenticeship Contract: partial fee exemption for CHC50121 Diploma course
Fee charged at 40% for e.g. Healthcare card or
Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person
1st unit: $54.52
$54.52 - for 14
monthly payments
$817.80 course cost:
15 units at $54.52 per unit
Full fee paying for CHC50121 Diploma course with 15 units Enrolment: $175 
+ 1st unit: $230
$230 - for 14
monthly payments
$3,625 course cost:  
15 units of $230 per unit and enrolment fee

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) $185 per unit
Please be advised that a RPL unit requires thorough assessment processes, and requires a combination of: completion of a self-assessment, evidence collection and qualified workplace supervisor's observations based on the performance criteria for each unit.


Work Placement fee $95
For enrolling students that are not currently employed in Early Childhood, the work placement fee covers:
• contribution for WorkCover insurance
• work placement handbook, overview and work placement meeting/agreement to be completed
• the blue card student application under First Door

Issuing Replacement Certificates $35 per certificate
First Door will issue replacement certificates subject to receipt of a Statutory Declaration, stating previous enrolled name and address and current name and address and the reason for the replacement. The replacement certificate fee covers the cost of postage and handling.

Fee Refunds

Full refund
The student will receive a full refund of unit fees paid in advance and prior to commencement of training, for three reasons:

1. If First Door has to cancel the training and assessment, because either:
• a course qualification or unit is cancelled by First Door
• First Door is unable to provide training and assessment in the course

2. When a student provides at least two weeks’ notice to cancel prior to their first unit start date, they will receive a full refund of any unit fees paid in advance. The enrolment fee paid by the student for the enrolment process and access to resources is non-refundable.

3. As required under the User Choice Program and Queensland VET Investment Program policies, any prepaid student contribution fees are fully refunded for training delivery that has not commenced at the time of cancellation of enrolment. This applies for student’s that receive Queensland Government subsidised training and pay student contribution fees.

Note: When a student withdraws from their course enrolment or cancels a training contract with First Door, the student must complete a course withdrawal form and a refund request form before they are eligible for a refund.

Compassionate partial refund
Compassionate partial refunds are considered when a fee-paying student withdraws for reasons of personal circumstances that are beyond their control, for example, the loss of a loved one, or an injury/illness resulting in inability to perform job role.
The compassionate refund request must be made in writing by the student and set out the reasons for the request. Eligibility for a partial refund will be assessed based on the services provided to the student and the costs incurred by First Door to provide those services to the student. Each case is handled individually and all decisions made are at the sole discretion of the Company Director.

No refund provided
There is no refund provided on prepaid course unit fees, if:
1. the student withdraws from the course on or after the agreed start date.

2. First Door is required to cancel the student’s enrolment due to misconduct in student standards, as detailed in Policy 33. Student assessment process, or if the student breaches the eLearning agreement of use and online conditions.

3. the student does not commence or submit work within the agreed course timeframe, and/or they do not reply to contact from First Door, then they will have their enrolment terminated without fee refund. Note: First Door will ensure we have followed student support processes to assist the student in completing the course before terminating the course enrolment. Students are able to request a course extension in writing if they have a valid reason, and this request needs to be approved by the Director of First Door.

Student Handbook and Policies

See our STUDENT HANDBOOK with student related policies