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Early Childhood Education and Care Testimonials

It's been a while since I've had to study so I was a little nervous but First Door has been so accommodating to my needs in helping me get started and navigate myself through the first unit.
  • Sophie Luland, new Certificate lll in Early Childhood Education and Care student
I completed a school based traineeship with a different RTO, but felt like I didn’t learn anything to prepare me to be an educator! When I left school, I decided to make early childhood my career, and was recommended to enrol with First Door to complete my Diploma qualification. Right from my very first unit I felt like I was learning so much, and it wasn’t long before I was able to get a full time job as an educator.
After I graduated with my Diploma, I was promoted to being a lead educator. My knowledge and confidence has grown so much since I started studying with First Door. They were there to support me even when I didn’t think I could finish, and now I am currently in my second trimester to complete my Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary). My next goal is to become a qualified Kindergarten teacher. I’ve never looked back since I enrolled with First Door, it’s been a life changer for me, and for my career in early childhood.
  • Brittany Foreman, Graduated Diploma of ECEC student
"First Door training is like the Harvard/Oxford of Early Childhood Training - exceptional. I am so fortunate to have had to move to First Door as my original provider was no longer funded in my state. Thank you."
  • Carole-Anne Lewis Macfarlane, graduated Certificate lll in ECEC student
"I studied my Cert 3 in early childhood, but then wanted to enhance my knowledge more. I decided to study my Diploma through First Door.
The information and knowledge that First Door shares to students is second to none and is up to date knowledge... The holistic approach First Door has towards how we see a child, the rights of the child and nature play were some of the areas that impacted me the most.
When I became an Educational Leader, Assistant Director and eventually Service Director, I was able to embed the holistic approach to how we see the child, and develop and grow nature play into the indoor and outdoor environments...
As I watched the children grow and develop each day I had the opportunity to see the growth and development in the Educators that I mentored and would challenge along the way, of why something was done a particular way, or their thought processes.
I thank First Door for the training they offer, the challenge of where and how you will use that knowledge and guidance. As this opportunity to study through First Door also gave me a new confidence to help and support and be part of a teams' growth."
  • Tracey Langham, graduated Diploma of ECEC student
"I joined the early childhood profession after having my three children and completed my Certificate 3 in ECEC through a different RTO, which I felt didn’t teach me much at all.
When I decided to further my studies, I was recommended to enrol with First Door to complete my Diploma. From the first moment I started I knew I had made the right decision. I felt supported, inspired and I was learning so much. I was able to take all the information I had learnt and put it into practice.
As my knowledge and confidence grew over time, I have been able to grow as an educator and I was promoted to an Educational Leader and now I am currently the director at a beautiful centre.
Even though I have finished my studies for the moment I have continued to work with First Door to support my team with ongoing professional development and to complete their own studies."
  • Prue Watkinson, graduated Diploma of ECEC student
    Centre Director at Cashmere Village Natural Learning Centre

"This training has been instrumental in developing my abilities, skills and knowledge to be able to perform my role at a very high standard.  Continually influencing, supporting and developing me in all areas required of educators within our profession has increased my confidence and passion to share those meaningful experiences with my colleagues and the children within our centre."

  • Libby Stewart, graduated Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care student

"Study to me has always been something that I was very afraid of and tried to avoid at all costs. When the opportunity arose for me to study my diploma of early childhood, my manager introduced me to First Door and Andrea. Andrea has made my studying journey such a pleasure. She is such an encourager and helped me every step of the way. I am so proud of what I have achieved after my life long fear of study. The way that First Door conducts business is extremely professional and I would recommend them to everyone looking to start their study journey too."

  • Gina Cuff, graduated Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care student

"First Door's training program sets you up to be the best possible Early Childhood Educator you could hope to be. They're so responsive to your needs as an individual, always there for extra guidance and assistance, and believe in you 110%, even when you might not. I'm so grateful to have found First Door, and will always recommend them to my friends and colleagues."

  • Nicole Jeans  |  Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care student

"It was great studying my diploma through first door, it allowed me to step into a lead educator role and put my knowledge into practice. After bring a lead educator and completing my studies I felt confident enough to use my skills in my own business and am now running a successful family daycare from home. Thanks First Door for helping me achieve this."

  • Nadine Graham  |  Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care student

"I love First Door's approach to training. It was one of the reasons I switched from another RTO. A collective of trainers with firsthand industry experience, the learning journey is a 'partnership'. There is so much support available - in person, over the phone, in situ, online and at dedicated study sessions. They make study so accessible and meaningful! I especially love the mentoring sessions that add another layer of understanding through reflective conversation. With First Door, I feel you have a training partner for life! Thank you for such a quality educational journey so far."

  • Chrissy Skinner  |  Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care student

"After coming from a training institute whom didn't live up to very good standards, it was a breath of fresh air to become a student at First Door. I am so impressed with the professionalism, amazing support and friendly approachable team thus far and I am so excited to complete my diploma with them. I couldn't recommend them highly enough."

  • Nina Cheung  |  Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care student

"After years of uncertainty of what I wanted to do, travelling, and living overseas, I finally decided I wanted to be an early childhood educator. But where would I go to learn the skills and gain the knowledge to become an effective and passionate educator. A family friend recommended, First Door (this friend has been in the industry for 30 plus years) to me. I could not be more happy and thankful that she did.

Andrea and my mentor Holly believed in me and always encouraged and supported me throughout my whole journey, especially when times were tough. I am so proud to be a First Door student that not only have I completed my Cert lll in early childhood education and care with them, I am also currently studying my Diploma with First Door.

I would highly recommend First Door to anyone who is looking for a more personal and knowledgeable RTO. My mentor has been available to me throughout this process, always taking time to chat and answer any questions. Thank you so much to you Andrea, Justine, Holly, and the Team. You are doing an incredible job and I'm so grateful for your help and support."

  • Hannah Bardsley  |  Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care student

“I came from Czech Republic and when I started working as an educator here I wanted to become qualified. I wanted to get more information on how Early Childhood education works in Australia to give the children the best quality care.

I was recommended to study with First Door by my Director and colleagues, and I never regretted this decision.  I was able to complete my Diploma qualification through a Government funded apprenticeship.

Each unit helped me to put the learning into my practice and go easily through my assessment work. It was great to have my own mentor who was available at any time I needed to support me, and always explained each topic with patience and respect.  

Not only am I qualified with a First Door Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, but I also feel proud of this qualification. I have learned so much through this study process, got lots of information and deep knowledge about the Australian Early Childhood education framework and how to provide great care and experiences for children. Studying with First Door opened my eyes to new perspective and I feel very inspired and knowledgeable. This study also encouraged me to want to keep learning.”

  • Lenka Jureckova
    Lead Educator, Northpine Christian College Childcare and Early Learning Centre

"Before I started studying my Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care with First Door, I had finished school and was working casually in a field I wasn't passionate about. Being an Early Childhood Educator was always in the back of my mind, so I decided an early childhood course would be a good start to move into this career.   

I had talked to a Director at a childcare centre nearby who recommended me to study with First Door. I called First Door to find out some information about the course as well as the company. I was very confident with their approach and signed up to study my diploma straight away. I had received some casual work at that same centre which soon picked up, putting me into the position of assistant educator in the toddler room. I really liked that I could study one unit of assessment per month and not be too rushed with work as well as study. Each month I have a mentoring meeting in my workplace and I get an uncountable number of ideas, as well as lots of inspiration from each unit. I also have access to study support anytime I need it.

After one year of study, I was promoted to being Lead Educator in the Toddler room. Studying has helped me gain skills and confidence whilst working in my room with the children. I am also more comfortable talking to parents and sharing my new ideas and knowledge I have gained from the First Door with the other educators. Learning through First Door challenges me every day to set and meet higher goals as an educator, and I am so happy that I am finally working in a career I am passionate about!"

  • Sarah Harvey

Team Professional Development Testimonials

“First Door is an organisation that is passionate and committed to quality training and development, particularly in early childhood education. The trainers are very professional but are friendly and caring. They provide and maintain strong support systems through monthly visits, emails and workshops.

I have team members who have successfully completed and who are currently working towards their early childhood qualifications, who have found their training through First Door to be a very positive experience. I will continue to highly recommend anyone who requires early childhood training to First Door.

First Door have supported our Centre environment and teaching practices through consultation and Professional Conversations workshops. These have discussed areas such as environments, routines, mixed age groups and transition times and their ideas and suggestions have been invaluable to our continued improvement."

  • Karen Petrie, Nominated Supervisor and Director

    Northpine Christian College Childcare and Early Learning Centre

“Our team had a great day with Andrea from First Door Training and Development. We valued the time to work together and the inspiration we received from hearing about what other centres are doing. We packed such a lot into one day that we are still thinking about it weeks later!”

  • Emma Thomas
    Teaching Director Next Steps Kindy

"After many years in different roles within the Children’s Services Sector, I found myself in my dream job as an Owner/Director of an Early Learning Centre. I applied for some funding to support the Professional Development of my staff and was successful in obtaining that funding.

Now came the big question. What Professional Development do my team need and want, and who will be best to provide that training for them? Choosing ‘what’ was easy, but being a qualified trainer and assessor myself, choosing a training provider was going to be more the challenge as I am particularly fussy due to my strong passion for what I believe in when it comes to the standard of education and care provided to children under my wings.

I came across a flyer sent out by First Door Training, and immediately felt a connection to the ethos portrayed by this organisation. Andrea Isitt provided most of our training workshops and I came away from each of her sessions excited, empowered and supported against my own personal views and philosophies about what constitutes quality care for the under 4 year age group. I guess you would call Andrea and I, kindred spirits. This is not a term you hear often these days, but to have a professional person who you can share your passion with, challenge your thinking with and work in collaboration with to provide children with the care they need and deserve – and which provides parents with the assurance that you are the best you can be, is completely priceless.

I can’t recommend First Door Training enough. Their methodology is user-friendly and reaches the potential of each participant in the group – whether a large or small group. All their training is underpinned by sound theoretical knowledge and understandings which are current and relevant. I would challenge anyone to come out of one of their training sessions without some re-ignited passion for what they want to achieve with their chosen career and enthusiasm to bring everyone along with them on the journey."

  • Miriam Abel
    Director of Tumble Tots McDowall

"I have accessed First Door Training and Development in many ways to assist our Early Childhood Professionals that we have at Chatterbox.  Our team members have attended specific professional development workshops that are regularly set up by First Door training. We have also had Andrea from First Door attend training nights at our Centres to work with each team on topics relevant to them.  Most recently we asked Andrea to put together and present a comprehensive and interactive four hour presentation for all of our 75 staff, at our annual team training day.  We had specific topics as an organisation that we wanted to cover and Andrea was very thorough in gathering the information to ensure the workshop was exactly what we were after.  I found this consultation process and the way Andrea specifically tailored the training extremely beneficial to our team.  The presentation on the day encompassed a great detail of knowledge about the requested topics as well as allowing for fun group participation to get everyone thinking!  Our team left inspired and excited to return to their respective Centres and implement the ideas they had taken from the First Door workshop."

  • Stephanie Brassington
    Operations Manager
    Chatterbox Early Learning & Child Care

"The dedicated, organised, nurturing trainers have played a pivotal role in helping to the get the team at YMCA Strathpine moving forward from conflicting understandings and viewpoints to a shared and improved understanding of the documentation cycle. Through discussion as a team we were able to analyse systems we use that were not effective. The centre team was able to reach shared understanding of new strategies and provided with ideas and tools to effectively use the cycle of plan, document and evaluate."

  • Chantal Wise