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Everything you need to support shared learning for inspired practice in your team

The Team eLearning package engages your team in:

- shared learning as a professional learning community, and for continuous improvement (NQS 7.2)

- professional collaboration and critical reflection (NQS 4.2)

- supported individual learning and development of professionals (NQS Element 7.2.3)

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What's in your Team eLearning Package?

Your team receives BOTH: 

1. TEAM SHARE access for the nominated service leader: for 2 years

TEAM SHARE provides a professional learning planner and tools to:
  • share the course videos and presentations within one centre team of up to 26 staff. Please contact us for a quote for larger teams.
  • plan your teams' professional learning based on priorities - by selecting relevant topics within the course video presentations and videos 
  • invite reflective conversations in team meetings - by starting and stopping videos at relevant sections to discuss further
  • consider new ideas and plan quality improvement strategies together

2. FULL ONLINE COURSE for 7 selected educators: with 2 years access

Selected educators engage in and revisit the full course content and resources, with learning checks
  • The selected educators are often self-nominated for their own desired professional development
  • Centre leaders can also select educators to complete the course as a performance guidance tool, OR to develop as a lead educator/mentor so they are supported to guide and inspire other team members
  • These selected educators explore the full online course content and printable resources in sequence to reflect on and use in practice 
  • Access to the full ONLINE COURSE includes: printable workbook/s, videos and presentations, resources, templates and learning checks
  • Participants receive a certificate on course completion, and are able to revisit the course within two years following registration

Discounted fee options are available for additional team members, or for your whole team, to engage in the full online course. 
See pricing options for each package, by clicking on the relevant Team eLearning package.

Or support your team with our 'Protect - Rethink - Transform & Flourish: team learning toolkit'

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Flourish together: open up shared ongoing learning and inspired practice in your team

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