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Behaviour Rethink: Team eLearning Package

Our Behaviour Rethink Team eLearning package brings your team the thought-provoking content in these two team workshops to share and discuss together - no matter where your Early Childhood service is located. Use this link for more information about our Behaviour Rethink Team eLearning Package

In-person team workshops at your Early Childhood service

Over a series of two workshops, educators will be provided with strategies to refocus their approach to behaviour, and proactively develop children's wellbeing, supporting their problem solving and self-regulation. The EYLF PRINCIPLES discussed are: Secure, Respectful and Reciprocal Relationships; Partnerships; High Expectations and Equity; Respect for Diversity; and, Ongoing Learning and Reflective Practice.

Session 1: Refocus approach, understand patterns of behaviour and guide children to self-regulate their behaviour

Topics include:

Understand the child and their behaviour

  • Being curious to understand what's behind the behaviour, using the Phoenix Cups framework ©.
  • Discuss Cup filling strategies to top up empty Cups and develop children's wellbeing.
  • Observe and analyse behaviour to identify triggers and patterns.
  • Use reflective practice to analyse the reinforcement that is maintaining the behaviour.

*** First Door Early is a licenced Phoenix Cups affiliate. The Phoenix Cups framework is used in some parts of our professional learning as a model for understanding behaviour relating to basic human life needs.

Improving our approach to guide children to self-regulate their behaviour

  •  to develop each child's wellbeing and resilience
  • Using positive language: learning to rephrase instructions and use win-win choices.
  • Identifying the wanted behaviour we are working towards
  • Engaging collaborative decision making of rules/expectations and strategies to gain children's understanding and acceptance of rules/expectations
  • Commitment to consistency within the team of educators
  • Boundary testing and strategies to use
  • Modelling respectful and cooperative behaviour through equitable and respectful relationships with each child

Session 2: Review influences on behaviour - plan goals and strategies, and monitor progress

Topics include:

Develop, implement and evaluate a plan to establish cooperative behaviour

  • Review program routines for possible influence on behaviour
  • Plan the program and environment to meet the child's temperament
  • Interpret the child's patterns of behaviour with other involved educators and relevant others (from worksheets completed from and following session 1).
  • Work in partnership with parents, and develop a plan collaboratively, in accordance with philosophy and policies of the service.
  • Clearly identify strategies to achieve acceptable alternative behaviours in the plan.
  • Use ongoing evaluation and revise the plan as required.

Team professional learning workshop fee

  • For bookings with up to 15 participants each workshop is $605, including GST (this workshop series is $1,210 for up to 15 participants)
  • Each additional person booked to attend is charged at $30 per person, for each workshop
  • An individual quote is required for any team workshop bookings with 28 or more people
  • We travel within a 1 hour radius of North Lakes at no additional charge. Travel costs are able to be discussed and arranged to enable First Door to come to your team.

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