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These workshops focus on nourishing the professional culture of your team. They are designed for Early Childhood and OSHC work teams, at any stage of their team development whether ‘forming, storming norming or performing’.

These two-hour workshops are able to be booked individually or as a series. Alternatively, you are able to select two or three of these workshops to be facilitated on a team day, at either your preferred training location or at our training venue.

Using critical reflection to feed quality and continuous improvement

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Critical reflection helps educators to build on their knowledge and skills, identifying practice that can be continued as well as what might need to be improved or changed. It also helps educators to identify ways to improve opportunities for children’s participation, learning and development. (ACECQA 2018)
Instead of working with our ‘blinkers on ’and staying in the ‘same old’ ways, this workshop explores how to use critical reflection to:

  • examine a shared issue
  • consider other perspectives
  • unpack new ideas to work towards quality improvement
  • use the Quality Improvement Plan to document issues, goals, success measures, actions to take and your progress. 

Team culture: emotional intelligence and wellbeing 

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As educators, we know it's important for children to feel emotionally safe and supported, and to learn self-regulation skills to thrive. Developing emotional intelligence, trust and wellbeing is just as important within a team to successfully work and collaborate together.

Emotional intelligence involves learning to better understand our emotions and the emotions of those around us. Rather than letting our emotions control us, we instead learn to identify them when they arise, recognise their causes and outcomes so that we can proactively manage our responses to them. 

Your team will be guided to consider ways to develop emotional intelligence and nourish team wellbeing:

  • Use the Phoenix Cups framework™ to consider own personal needs for wellbeing*
  • Understand emotional intelligence: identify own signs of stress, workplace stressors and stress relievers
  • Discuss and use tools for developing a safe space to collaborate
  • Consider and use ways to embed positive communication, feedback and problem solving within the team to enhance collaboration

 *** First Door is a licensed Phoenix Cups © affiliate. The Phoenix Cups framework is used in some parts of our workshops/online courses as a model for understanding behaviour relating to basic human life needs.

Team development and working collaboratively

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This workshop helps your team to create a unified purpose using a strengths-based approach to work collaboratively and create a quality service for all stakeholders. We explore and identify:

  • your shared team purpose and intention
  • the stages of team development, and ways to move your team to the next level
  • each team member’s strengths and role within the team
  • ways to embed respectful, positive communication, feedback and problem solving within the team to enhance collaboration


Team professional learning workshop fee

  • For groups up to 15 people the fee is $605 ($550 + GST) for each two-hour workshop.
  • Each additional person booked to attend is charged at $30 per person
  • An individual quote is required for any team workshop bookings with 28 or more people
  • We travel within a 1 hour radius of North Lakes at no additional charge. Travel costs are able to be discussed and arranged to enable First Door to come to your team.


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