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Reconnect to the passion and to the value of the professional educator's role. Understand the relevance of Belonging, Being and Becoming and the EYLF principles: Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships, Partnerships, High expectations and equity; and, Respect for diversity. Explore the EYLF practices: Holistic Approaches, Cultural Competence and Responsiveness to Children.
First Door offers the following workshops relating to inspired and professional practice. These are:

Create active learning environments for authentic learning, and write personal and meaningful stories of learning

Is your team caught in the bustle of providing and managing activities to churn out bulk documentation, so you can tick off children’s ‘learning’? This workshop explores how to bust the shallow documentation grind. We discuss ways to capture and build from each child’s ideas, learning dispositions, interests and abilities through a play-based curriculum. Understand the value in stepping back as educators to intentionally observe, document and plan for each child’s authentic progress in the important stuff – identity, connection, wellbeing, learning and communication.

Topics include:

  • Using learning outcomes as long-term goals to plan the curriculum
  • Planning and providing active learning environments, both indoors and outdoors to inspire children to engage in rich play-based learning experiences.
  • Who are we writing a story of learning for and why?
  • Know each child: collect meaningful information to plan the program
  • Writing a personal and meaningful ‘story of learning’.

Pikler inspired approach: developing respectful practice

Topics include:

  • Consider ways to develop trusting, respectful relationships and emotional security
  • Discuss the value of 'slowing down', and giving full attention, especially during the care routines
  • Evaluate practice and discuss ways to develop trust, autonomy and competence by doing 'with' and not 'to' babies and children
  • Tune into children's cues and consider ways to adapt routines and mealtimes for wellbeing
  • Reflect on ways to promote freedom of movement and allow for the natural unfolding of physical development
  • List questions to further explore about Pikler inspired pedagogy, and to provide uninterrupted play for babies and children

Cultural competence and respecting our First Peoples

Topics include:

  • Practical activity: Reflecting an awareness of your own and other cultural ways of knowing, seeing and living
  • The relevance of culture and family to each child's sense of belonging and being
  • The benefits of diversity and honouring cultural differences
  • Acknowledging and respecting the impact of events and issues in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander history
  • Demonstrating respect for our First Peoples' ways of knowing and being in everyday curriculum
  • Using resources and experiences to respect cultural differences


Team professional learning workshop fee

  • For bookings with up to 15 participants each workshop is $550 + GST ($605 including GST)
  • Each additional person booked to attend is charged at $30 per person
  • An individual quote is required for any team workshop bookings with 28 or more people
  • We travel within a 1 hour radius of North Lakes at no additional charge. Travel costs are able to be discussed and arranged to enable First Door to come to your team.

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