At First Door, it's all about supporting you to be your best and to see you become an exceptional educator/leader. It's our aim to be part of creating joyful early childhoods, where children flourish. That's why First Door is dedicated to partnering with you. We showcase excellence in Early Childhood, so you will be inspired towards providing quality and professional practice in your role as an educator. First Door provides the latest information and tools for best practice so you are confident and capable in your role. 
We love seeing you becoming the best of your ability, achieving your goals, and leading the way in Early Childhood. 

Our Partnership and Support

We are committed to ensuring your learning experience and resources are relevant and meaningful. You can start our courses when it suits you and team with our passionate, qualified and industry experienced workshop facilitators through our ongoing workshops and accredited training.

We connect our students to:

  • best workplace practice and experiences to practise what you are learning
  • meaningful information to gain knowledge, and to conversations to explore knowledge
  • a personal industry experienced mentor

Your success and active engagement is achieved through:

  • mentoring and study support to inspire and support you throughout the course
  • engaging learning resources and experiences
  • flexible options to suit your needs in flexi or structured training plans
  • industry relevant and interactive learning through a workshop for each unit in the course


Learn More

Download our Educators Guide or Leaders Guide for more information on how to unlock your potential and Early Childhood career.

Download our Student Handbook here

Download the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia

Download Early Childhood Australia Code of EthicsECA Code of Ethics Brochure

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