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Early Childhood Education and Care Testimonials

"Before starting my study with the First Door, I was working as an Assistant Educator in a long day care with a Certificate III qualification.
My decision to study further took a lot of time in researching about a suitable Registered Training Organisation as I wanted my learning journey to be meaningful and practical.  One of my concerns was about receiving feedback on my assessment work from my trainer without long delays. When I found out about First Door on the internet, I requested an initial meeting before enrolment. After meeting with Andrea, I was convinced to enrol with First Door for my Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.
The First Door team's passion in supporting Educators is beautifully crazy!  They are there to work with me with my assessments and to develop my practical skills. The workshops, mentoring meetings and practical skills observations enhance my practices. Their timely and constructive feedback have always encouraged me.
I am now working as a Lead Educator and am excited as I am very close to finishing my Diploma. I feel much more knowledgeable and confident in my skills as a Lead Educator."

  • Chandra Thapa
    Lead Educator

"After becoming a mother, I set up and managed a sensory play group for young children. Through these experiences I knew that I wanted to study so that I could begin my career in Early Childhood Education and Care. At first I enrolled with an online training company but found it a real struggle with very little support.

I started my Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care with First Door at the beginning of the year and I couldn't be happier with how the course is run. I love going to the workshops that they facilitate for each unit of study. The workshops are interactive and allow for discussions and growth in knowledge that did not seem achievable to me when studying online only. The team at First Door really love what they do and it's infectious. I feel so inspired and motivated and can't wait to open my Family Day Care one day.

Studying with First Door has already increased my confidence and knowledge. After only a couple of months of study I was successful in gaining full time employment as an Educator in an Early Childhood centre. The support with having Andrea as my mentor has been fantastic, and I would happily recommend First Door to anyone who is thinking about studying for a career in Early Childhood."

  • Holly Allen

“You really cannot describe the passion and love that the trainers at First Door have. The well-constructed workshops provide students with specific up-to-date skills, knowledge and inspiration necessary for successful practice and employment in the child care industry. Two of the best things about the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care course with First Door are having a mentor with industry experience to guide me, and the amazing workshops and discussions at these. I leave each workshop totally inspired and enjoy putting what I’ve learnt into practice to keep improving for the children. I have also grown in confidence in my role as Educational Leader to share what I am learning and doing with my team.”

  • Prudence Watkinson
    Lead Educator and Educational Leader

"Before I started studying my Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care with First Door, I had finished school and was working casually in a field I wasn't passionate about. Being an Early Childhood Educator was always in the back of my mind, so I decided an early childhood course would be a good start to move into this career.   

I had talked to a Director at a childcare centre nearby who recommended me to study with First Door. I called First Door to find out some information about the course as well as the company. I was very confident with their approach and signed up to study my diploma straight away. I had received some casual work at that same centre which soon picked up, putting me into the position of assistant educator in the toddler room. I really liked that I could study one unit of assessment per month and not be too rushed with work as well as study. Each month I have a mentoring meeting in my workplace with Andrea and I get an uncountable number of ideas, as well as lots of inspiration from the workshop for each unit. I also have access to study support anytime I need it.

After one year of study, I was promoted to being Lead Educator in the Toddler room. Studying has helped me gain skills and confidence whilst working in my room with the children. I am also more comfortable talking to parents and sharing my new ideas and knowledge I have gained from the First Door workshops with the other educators. Learning through First Door challenges me every day to set and meet higher goals as an educator, and I am so happy that I am finally working in a career I am passionate about!"

  • Sarah Harvey

“I came from Czech Republic and when I started working as an educator here I wanted to become qualified. I wanted to get more information on how Early Childhood education works in Australia to give the children the best quality care.

I was recommended to study with First Door by my Director and colleagues, and I never regretted this decision.  I was able to complete my Diploma qualification through a Government funded apprenticeship.

For each unit I attended a workshop where we discussed each topic not only theoretically but also through interactions with other students and with lots of practical examples and activities. This understanding helped me to put the learning into my practice and go easily through my assessment work. It was great to have my own mentor who was available at any time I needed to support me, and always explained each topic with patience and respect.  

Not only am I qualified with a First Door Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, but I also feel proud of this qualification. I have learned so much through this study process, got lots of information and deep knowledge about the Australian Early Childhood education framework and how to provide great care and experiences for children. Studying with First Door opened my eyes to new perspective and I feel very inspired and knowledgeable. This study also encouraged me to want to keep learning.”

  • Lenka Jureckova
    Lead Educator, Northpine Christian College Childcare and Early Learning Centre

"I was recommended to study with First Door to complete my Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, and started the course feeling nervous and new to the profession. This training has been instrumental in developing my abilities, skills and knowledge to be able to perform my role at a very high standard. First Door is continually influencing, supporting and developing me in all areas required of educators within our profession. Completing this course with First Door has increased my confidence and passion to share those meaningful experiences with my colleagues and the children within our centre."

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